Picture of me, Paul

Hi there!

I'm Paul, a creative front-end developer from Goes, The Netherlands.

I work at Maxxton in Middelburg, building software for the hospitality branch.

Besides work, I'm a father, a husband and I work on- and write about ideas of my own.

Feel free to contact me at contact@paulvandendool.nl or tweet @ me at @PaulvdDool.

Last week I learned how to use the performance tab in the Chrome DevTools and relearned the value of avoiding dynamically retrieving data that you filter, map or whatever. As a dev you probably have a machine that can handle this without breaking a sweat. Your users don’t.

19 Aug 2019 Tweet

I think those people—often students—that ambush you on the street to get you to sign up for donating to a charity are the physical, real world example of a dark ux pattern. Let me explain ☝🏻

07 Aug 2019 Tweet

01 Jul 2019 Tweet

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Simple Text Editor

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