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Tweeted on 07 Aug 2019

I think those people—often students—that ambush you on the street to get you to sign up for donating to a charity are the physical, real world example of a dark ux pattern. Let me explain ☝🏻

1) They ambush you on the street. You’re shopping 🛍️, browsing for new clothes 👕 when this young person jumps in front of you with a jacket on with the logo of the charity they want to tell you more about. It’s basically your e-commerce pop-up.

2) When you go shopping you know there is a risk you’ll run into them but what other options do you have. All other shopping centers 🏢 have them as well. You just learn to ignore them as best as you can. Pop-up.

3) You’ve learned your own routine to get rid of them even before you even know what charity they are actually from. Which is basically banner blindness 🙈 Closing the pop-up before even reading it

4) They do their best to convince you to sign up for this contract to donate on a monthly basis. They’re masters in appealing to your emotions. They have countless ways of making you feel like a unempathical monster 🖤🧟‍♂️when you try to turn them down. Confirmshaming anybody?

5) When they do shame you into signing the contract ✍️ thinking you’ll cancel after the first payment, they make it extra difficult to cancel. Hoping you’ll postpone until you can find time, which you never will ⌚⌛ Much like hiding that unsubscribe button.

6) And when you do manage to cancel you’ll get (e)mail 📬 with pleads to win you back and other spam. Much like when you unsubscribe from a newsletter only to notice you’re also subscribed to ten other types of marketing email by the continuous junk you’re receiving in your inbox